Christiane and Guy’s Christmas light show is a sight to behold

It was all systems go on Monday evening as for the 20th year running a couple from the Flemish Brabant municipality of Grimbergen turned on their Christmas lights. Nothing special about that you might say. However, Christiane Debel (74) and Guy Hevaert’s (62) Christmas decorations amount to more than a few lED lights, a dozen baubles and a bit of tinsel. The lights that adorn their home on the Brusselsesteenweg can be seen from hundreds of metres away and have become an unofficial tourist attraction with people coming from far and wide to enjoy a bit of Christmas cheer. 

Motorists often pull up outside the house to take photographs of the couple’s annual Christmas illuminations. When VRT Radio 2 Flemish Brabant paid them a visit on Monday they were hard at work preparing for the big switch on. Christiane Debel told the VRT that “The lights are all automatic. It starts at 6am until 9am and then in the evening from 3:30pm until 11pm”.  

There are stars, Father Christmas, a crib with nativity figures and a whole lot more.

"It all started with a few reindeer and each year we added a few things. However, this year we haven’t bought anything else. We do it for other people because there are not many people in Grimbergen that decorate their house like this”, Christiane added.

The couple have noticed that many people enjoy and appreciate looking at their Christmas lights.

"There are people that send us a card or come and bring us chocolates. You wouldn’t believe it”, the Flemish Brabant pensioner concluded. 

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