Fraudsters using Wangiri to target Belgian subscribers

Safe On Web, Belgium’s contact point for suspicious telephone calls and emails, has been inundated with reports of people getting a missed call from Syria.  The phone rings one or twice and then stops ringing.  The caller hopes that you will return the call and end up calling an expensive premium number that doesn’t provide any useful service.   

This phenomenon has been dubbed ‘Wangiri’. In recent days Safe On Web has received countless calls about unsolicited missed calls. Many of the calls originate in Syria.  Call back and without wanting to you are directed to an expensive premium number, so don’t.

“Wangiri” is the Japanese word for when the phone goes and only rings ones.  Andries Bomans at Safe On Web concedes this con trick has been around for quite a while and is difficult to stop:

“Don’t return the call of numbers abroad that you do not recognise. Check online if anybody has complained about this number.  You can block it in your phone settings.  If you have been defrauded file a complaint with the police.”

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