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Belgium ’splendidly prepared’ for No Deal Brexit

Annelies Verlinden (Flemish Christian democrat), Belgium’s brand-new interior minister, has indicated that no country is better prepared for a No Deal Brexit than Belgium. Tonight UK PM Johnson and commission president Von der Leyen meet in a last-ditch effort to rescue a trade deal before the transition period ends on 31December.

Today Ms Verlinden met with provincial governors, the police and customs officials to scrutinise preparations.  Plans are ready to limit traffic congestion and general chaos at seaports and the border with France. Annelies Verlinden: “Plans have been made to ensure traffic continues to flow.  Plans have been drawn up to take account of an unexpected increase in traffic.  Diversions for heavy goods traffic can be introduced in the event of congestion to avoid endless jams.  Emergency carparks will be available if traffic cannot flow freely to and from the seaports and the French frontier”.


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