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Consternation at Muhammad cartoon at KdG University

The management of the Karel de Grote University in Antwerp has launched an investigation after a student posted a Mohammed cartoon on social media that was shown by a lecturer during an online lecture.  The cartoon has triggered a wave of condemnation.

The cartoon originates from the right-wing satirical website ‘t Scheldt.  It shows the prophet Muhammad and the following text: “Islamic logic: insulted by cartoons and criticism, but not insulted by beheading, rape, suicide attacks, paedophilia…”

The student council at KdG University condemns the showing of the cartoon: “When as a student you are shown this PowerPoint, it touches your heart.  This slide shows a total lack of respect. We don’t now what the lecturer intended, but that’s neither here nor there.  This is not acceptable.”

The KdG University management says: “We are explicitly repeating that KdG distances itself from the content of this cartoon and is open to all belief systems”.

Exploratory discussions with the lecturer and students have already started.

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