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First Flemish monolith appears in potato field

A field of potatoes in Baasrode (Dendermonde - East Flanders) boasts Flanders’ first and only monolith.  The monolith is a silvery work of art consisting of a metal pole.  Several monoliths have mysteriously appeared across the globe, but they tend to disappear as suddenly as they arrive.

A first monolith appeared in the desert in Utah (USA).  Similar works of art have been reported in California (USA), Friesland (The Netherlands), The Isle of Wight (England) and Romania.

It’s thought the work of art appeared in East Flanders on Monday night, but as the monoliths disappear as mysteriously as they arrive it’s unclear how long it will stay here.  Nobody knows who planted it in Baasrode or why.  Farmer Luc Vrancken owns the potato field.  He received an anonymous call a few nights ago.  “Somebody asked me if I wouldn’t mind something being put up in my field of potatoes.  I said it was OK, but it’s only now I’ve had an opportunity to see what it is.  It makes a change from corona” he said.

Friends had to tell the farmer what was going on because he hadn’t been following the latest news from the art world.  “It was a pleasant surprise.  It’s been glistening in the sun all day and people come from far and wide to take snaps. I’m enjoying it, but to me it remains a silly post.”

Some people initially thought the monoliths were the work of extra-terrestrials, but that proved to be rubbish.  Who exactly is behind the initiative remains unclear though an art collective in New Mexico (USA) has them on the market for 37,000 euros.


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