Greater checks on quarantine for red zone travellers

Belgian interior minister Annelies Verlinden (Flemish Christian democrat) has pledged greater checks on people to see they are complying with quarantine rules after they return from red areas abroad.  Starting 18 December everyone returning from a red zone abroad is obliged to quarantine for ten days.

A corona test must be carried out on the seventh day and if this is negative the traveller can leave quarantine after Day 10.

The government now intends to carry out checks to ensure these rules are observed.

“The World Health Organisation has informed us about the importance of complying with quarantine rules in connection with stemming the pandemic.  We’re going to deploy more means to ensure quarantine is complied with.  The preparations are underway” says Ms Verlinden.

During border checks police will verify if the Passenger Locator Form has been completed and is being returned.

“Checks on drugs and alcohol are already carried out during border checks.  Now an additional check will be carried out” says Ms Verlinden. 

On the basis of the locator form contact tracing centres may contact you to see if you have had your test and whether quarantine is being observed.

“Our intention is heightened supervision to ensure quarantine is complied with.  Police will not carry out systematic checks. They will not be calling door-to-door, but they can be dispatched as soon as it becomes apparent that checks on compliance with quarantine rules is required” says Ms Verlinden.

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