Brussels ready to vaccinate

The Brussels Capital Region has drawn up a plan to ensure its inhabitants can get vaccinated against coronavirus.  The first 45,000 vaccines will be reserved for care workers and care home residents.

The Brussels region says it’s ready to launch a vaccination drive.  Care home residents and workers will be first in line when the European authorities approve a vaccine at the start of 2021.  They will be immunised in care homes.

Next in the queue will be patients at risk as well as everybody over 65.  In the next phase essential professions will qualify: chemists, the police, fire-fighters.

“They will have to attend one of our vaccination centres” says Inge Neven of the Brussels health inspection.  “We’ll be transforming existing test centres into vaccination centres.  We are toying with the idea of using a palace at the Heizel too, albeit temporarily.  If everything goes according to plan everybody in Brussels will be immunised by the end of next year.”

“At present Brussels is recording the lowest number of new infections, but we must remain vigilant for local outbreaks.  We’re worried by the imminent festive season too.  If that results in a third wave, we won’t be able to oversee the damage.  A new wave could also disrupt our vaccination programme.”

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