COVID-19: Number of confirmed cases and hospitalisations now hardly falling

The latest figures on the novel coronavirus pandemic in Belgium show that the 7-day rolling averages for new confirmed cases and hospitalisation are now hardly falling at all. The figures come from the public health science institute Sciensano. 

·        During the week from 4 to 10 December an average of 188 people with COVID-19 were hospitalised every day. This is down just 1% on the 7-day rolling average for the week from 27 November to 3 December when an average of 190 COVID-19 patients/day were hospitalised.

·        On Thursday 10 December 200 people with COVID-19 were admitted to hospital. This is up on the 185 hospital admissions on Wednesday. On Thursday 248 COVID-19 patients were discharged from hospital.

·        There are currently 2,939 COVID-19 patients being cared for in Belgian hospitals. This is the first time in almost two months that patient numbers have fallen under 2,000.

·        Of those people with COVID-19 that are in hospital 657 are on intensive care wards, 412 are on ventilators.

·        The average number of people with the virus that are dying each day continues to fall. During the week between the 1 and 7 December an average of 98 people with COVID-19 died each day. This is down from a 7-day rolling average of 118 deaths/day during the week from 24 to 30 November.

·        During the week from 1 to 7 December an average of 2,165 people tested positive for coronavirus each day. This is down just 2% on the 7-day rolling average for the previous week.

·        Between 1 and 7 December an average of 30,300 people were tested for the novel coronavirus each day. Of these 8.6% tested positive.  

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