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School releases song for pupil (11) killed in tragic road accident

A year ago, today tragedy struck as 11-year-old Celio was walking to school in the East Flemish town of Aalst. Celio was walking to school with his Mum and his brother and sister when he was hit by a lorry that was pulling out of the Teresos factory. The accident sent shock waves across Aalst and beyond.

Questions were raised as to whether it was responsible to allow lorries on the streets in the vicinity of schools in the hour before the start of and after the end of classes. In addition to Celio’s school a further 4 other schools are located near to the Teresos site and very many children pass by on foot or on their bicycles. 

Now a year after his death the 11-year-old’s former school has released a song in his memory. The musical homage to the dead schoolboy is based on the American band Maroon 5’s hit ‘Memories’. The song is entitled ‘Celio’s wereld’ ‘Celio’s World’ that was he carefree world of child.

The Sint-Jozefcollege’s Sarah De Smet told VRT Radio East Flanders that “The world could look different if we were all a little bit like Celio. He was a fantastic jolly little lad, and this is something we want to show in the song”.

 Although it has been some time coming, the city authorities in Aalst will introduce measures limiting heavy goods vehicles in the city from 1 January 2021. The company Teresos acted relatively quickly and fenced off the area where lorries parked up outside its factory.  

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