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Enterprising Limburg barber teaches you how to cut your own hair

Now that Flemish barbers and hairdressers are closed until further notice a barber from Limburg Province has taken to the internet to teach his customers to do their own hair and beard.  A wider audience beacons for barber Wesley Baldewijns of B&Barber in Borgloon.

B&Barber, a barber’s shop in Borgloon, has started its own online barber’s training sessions.  The lessons should allow you to cut your own hair or that of a member of your household.

“We’re providing a manual to get you safely through the festive season” says proprietor Wesley Baldewijns.

Hair salons, beauty salons and nail bars are all closed until after the corona crisis.  This isn’t a recipe for success in looking your best this Christmas!

Doing your own hair may not sound simple but with a little help from these enterprising Limburgers you could make a success of it!

“We try to explain things step by step using videos, practice and live coaching.  Most people succeed” says Wesley.

The barber is offering the service free of charge to existing customers.  He’s not worried he’s damaging his own prospects and people might stick to this even after the crisis: “A DIY hairdresser will never become an expert.  We’re doing this to get people through the holidays.  Our loyal customers will return!”

“I’ve already received tons of snaps from people, who cut their own hair with success.  I advise everybody to do a dry run first with the hair buzzer not plugged in!”

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