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Epidemic is widening in many parts, R-number above 1 in 7 provinces

Belgium’s coronavirus reproduction number, the so-called R-number has risen above 1 in seven of Belgium’s provinces. The number indicates how many people one infected person infects.

In Belgium as a whole in the week to 14 December the R-number stood at 0,970.

Currently, the R-number is above 1 in all Flemish provinces bar Flemish Brabant.  Antwerp has the highest figure: 1.118 followed by West Flanders 1.081, East Flanders (1.080) and Limburg (1.065). Only in Flemish Brabant is the figure just under 1 at 0.926.

The R-number for the Brussels Region stands at 0,949.  R is above 1 in all Walloon provinces except Luxembourg and Liege.  The highest R-number has been recorded in the German-speaking community where it reached 1.326 in the week to 14 December.

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