“Check the crowd barometer during the Christmas break!”

With foreign travel often difficult large crowds are expected at the Flemish coast during the Christmas break.  In order to prevent too many people gathering in the same spot at the same time the West Flemish tourist agency Westtoer will be operating a crowd barometer.  Visitors to the Flemish Riviera are asked to consult the barometer before they travel and to use the information it provides to choose a destination that isn’t too crowded.

How busy it will be on the coast at Christmas isn’t yet clear.  Only ten percent of rooms are booked in hotels, but that can easily change.  Many are the holiday home owners who will wish to make up for lost time after they were banned from travelling during the first lockdown.

Demand for rented accommodation in e.g. holiday homes is more buoyant than usual.  Bookings are up to 15% higher than in previous years.

Sabien Lahaye-Battheu, the Westtoer president, says that in any case this isn’t going to be a Christmas holiday just like any other:  “Still, there are a number of fun activities that are open to visitors.  They are listed on dekust.be – where you also find the barometer! The barometer will allow us to spread visitors more evenly in space and time so that everybody can enjoy the coast in all safety.”

People first became familiar with the barometer last summer when it proved to be a useful tool to avoid crowded places.  The barometer allows you to see how busy it is in each of the ten coastal municipalities and plan accordingly.

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