Corona figures colour red

An increasing number of people are testing positive for coronavirus in Belgium.  In the week to 12 December the average daily number of new cases reached 2,343.  The figure is 8% up on the week.  Admittedly more people are being tested.  The share of tests coming back positive is continuing to fall, albeit only slightly.

Increasing numbers of cases are being recorded in all Flemish provinces bar Flemish Brabant.  Infection levels are also on the up in Namur and Hainault provinces in Wallonia.

The average number of daily hospitalisations continues to fall.  On average 182 patients are being hospitalised each day.  The figure is down 6% on the week.

On Tuesday 2,770 patients were in hospital with Covid, the disease caused by coronavirus.  The number of patients in critical care has fallen under 600 for the first time in two months: 593 patients are in critical care; 388 are on a ventilator. 

The average number of deaths a day recorded over the last week fell by 12% compared with the previous week and stands at 91 deaths.

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