Michiel Pieters

‘Skating through water’ is a hit on Instagram

A video created by the leading Limburg photographer Michiel Pieters showing a skater on the ‘Cycling through Water’ bridge in the Bokrijk nature park has gone viral.  It was produced using a drone and shows how a skater crosses the amazing bridge that was built to allow cyclists to cycle through a Limburg pond.

The Flemish photographer’s video has meanwhile notched up 1.5 million views.  The video was recorded early one morning.

“Conditions were great” says Michiel Pieters.  “The sun was shining and there was still some morning light.  I was just playing about circling with my drone, but afterwards I thought the pictures looked good. The skater put his hand in the water during the crossing and that delivered a special and unexpected effect.”

“I posted the video last week.  I thought it would get views, but I hadn’t expected more than 1.5 million.  By tomorrow it will be 2 million.”

The video is great publicity for the Bokrijk park. Michiel says he won’t be sending an invoice, but next time they can commission a job.

Cycling through Water provides a magical experience.  The bike path opened in 2016 and allows you to cycle over 200 metres through a pond.


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