Corona: more cases, more tests

The average daily number of people testing positive for coronavirus continues to rise. In the week to 13 December the daily average number of infections rose by 9% on the week attaining 2,368.

Admittedly, more tests are being carried out: on average each day of the week 34,400 tests.  The figure is up 12% on the week.  8.1% of tests are coming back positive.  That’s a minute 0.6% fall on the week.

Hospitalisations too continue to fall.  On average 183 people a day are being hospitalised with coronavirus.  The figure is down 2% on the week.  On Wednesday 2,712 patients were in hospital being treated for Covid, the disease caused by coronavirus.  571 patients are in critical care; 377 are on a ventilator.

On average 93 patients a day are dying with Covid.  The figure is down 7% on the week.  18,278 people have so far died in Belgium with suspected or confirmed coronavirus.

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