Pornographic images projected onto Provincial House in Leuven

For the second time in a week explicit sexual images have been projected onto the immense screen that has been erected on the front of Provincial House in Leuven.  The police believe that the province’s projector has been hacked.

Usually, what are described as “hopeful and warm” messages are projected onto the screen as well as a giant red heart.  The messages are intended to boost morale in these dark, corona days.  They are projected from a little tent outside.  Police suspect hackers have been at work and have gained access to the projector.

It’s the second time this happens in as many weeks.  Last week somebody, who is still to be identified, substituted the URL of a popular porn website for the correct URL.  On Tuesday night of this week somebody managed to project pornographic images of their choice onto the front of Provincial House, the seat of the provincial government of Flemish Brabant.

A local alerted the police, who turned off the projector. Police and prosecutors have launched an investigation into “violation of public decency”.  It’s unclear whether the same hackers were at work on both occasions.  Leuven is taking additional security measures around the tent to prevent another repeat. Tonight the familiar “hopeful and warm” messages will return.  What the people of Flemish Brabant prefer is not known.

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