COVID-19 death toll in care homes tops 10,000

The number of deaths from COVID-19 in Belgian care homes now exceeds 10,000. The 10,270 people with COVID-19 that have died in the country’s care homes since March account for 56% of all coronavirus deaths in Belgium. Speaking at Friday morning’s National Crisis Centre press conference the virologist Steven Van Gucht said that the number of COVID-19 deaths in Belgian care homes is starting to rise again.  “The situation in care homes remains precarious”, Professor Van Gucht said. 

Meanwhile, the number of new coronavirus infections in the country’s care home rose slightly during past week. Currently a third of care homes have a least one resident that is infected with the virus. One in ten care homes have large outbreaks of the virus.  

The public health science institute Sciensano has calculated that in Flemish care home there are currently 17.1 infections per 1,000 residents. This is up from last week’s figure of 15.3 cases per 1,000 residents. 

Currently, 28% of Flemish care homes have at least one case of COVID-19, down from 33% last week. 13% of Flemish care homes are currently dealing with a larger-scale outbreak of the virus.

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