Foto: Belga

Company organised lockdown party complete with chip vans and a DJ set

Police in Balen, in Antwerp Province, broke up an illegal staff party that had been organised by a local firm on Friday afternoon. Around 30 people were at the illegal event. Two chip vans and disk jockeying equipment were also confiscated during the police operation.


Commissioner Robert Lehaen of the Balen-Dessel-Mol Local Police Service told VRT News that “The proprietor of the company argued that those present were also together on the work floor, but that is not a valid excuse”. 

Police received reports of a party taking place on the Industrieweg in Balen on Friday afternoon. When they arrived, they found 30 people partying on commercial premises. Those present ran away, which the police say would indicate that they knew that they were contravening the rules designed to curb the spread of COVID-19. 

7 employees of the company on whose site the party was taking place were able to be identified. They, the boss of the company, a DJ, and the proprietors of two chip vans that were at the site were all issued with crime notices. They will be summoned to appear in court. 

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