Police detain members of an Albanian drug gang and seize 20kg of cocaine

As part of an investigation into international drug trafficking the Federal Judicial Police in Halle-Vilvoorde (Flemish Brabant) have detained 11 suspected members of an Albanian drug gang. Several properties were searched and 100,000 euro in cash and 20kg of cocaine were seized. The drugs have an estimated street value of 1 million euro. 

The Judicial Authorities say that those detained are members of an Albanian criminal organisation based in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Grimbergen, around 10km north of Brussels.

The Judicial Authorities Spokeswoman Carol Vercarre told VRT News that “It was from there that they organised international drug trafficking, mainly to Italy, by amongst other methods using concealed spaces in vehicles. Several police services took part in the operation, both the local and the federal police services were involved. Properties in Italy were also searched”.  

Officers from the Federal Judicial Police Service detained 11 suspects.

“These are 9 men and 2 women. 1 suspect lives in Antwerp, 1 in Brussels and the rest live in Halle-Vilvoorde. One suspect was seriously injured during the operation. He tried to escape over the roofs but fell. He was taken in a life-threatening condition to hospital. All the suspects will be questioned by an Examining Magistrate, who will decide whether they should remain in custody. During the operation several vehicles were seized in addition to drugs and cash”, Ms Vercarre told VRT News.

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