Martin Bertrand / Hans Lucas

Belgian PM announces closure of the country’s borders to people travelling from the UK from midnight

The Federal Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) has announced that our country’s borders will be closed for people travelling from the United Kingdom from midnight tonight. The ban will remain in force for 24 hours. Unlike an earlier ban imposed by the Dutch Government the ban on people travelling to Belgium from the UK will apply not only to air passengers, but also to rail passengers.

Mr De Croo announced the Federal Government’s decision in an interview on VRT News’ Sunday morning topical discussion programme ‘De zevende dag’.

The Prime Minister said that the decision had been taken “as a precautionary measure” and as a reaction to the Dutch Government’s ban on flights from the UK that was taken to prevent the spread of a more contagious strain of coronavirus.

The measure taken by the Belgian Government will remain in force for 24 hours as consultative talks with scientists about the new strain of the virus are still ongoing.

Anyone arriving in Belgium from the UK today will have to quarantine. They will also face additional checks to ensures that they are not infected.

The Belgian Government is also in talks with the French Government about people that come from the UK to Belgium via France.  In the meantime there will be more checks along the border. 

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