Hospitality federation positive about extra support from the Flemish authorities

The Flemish hospitality industry federation Horeca Vlaanderen says that it is satisfied with the decision taken by the Flemish Government to extend the duration and the scope of the support given to businesses that are being adversely affected by the coronavirus measures. On Saturday the Flemish Government announced that new measures would be taken to assist the companies that have been hardest hit. 

In a response to the new measures Horeca Vlaanderen’s CEO Mattias De Caluwe told VRT News that they provide the extra stability and the vital lifeline that is necessary for companies like hotels and caterers that have had little or no income during the past year.

The industry federation added that the Flemish Protection Mechanism, a system that has been running since the start of the crisis, has been extended until the end of February 2021. A new support grant, the Globalisation Grant has also been launched to help to businesses that have been impacted the most by the crisis. Businesses whose turnover during the last three quarters of 2020 is down 70% on the same period last year will be able to receive a sum equivalent to 10% of their 2019 turnover up to a maximum ceiling of 1 million euro depending on how many people they employ. Companies whose turnover is down 90% will be able to claim up to 2 million euros. Financial support already given will be taken off the sum paid out as a Globalisation Grant.

"Two weeks ago, Horeca Vlaanderen raise the alarm regard our hotels and caterers. The Flemish Government has heeded out cry for help with the Globalisation grant”, Mr De Caluwe said.

“In addition to this the Flemish Protection Mechanism is being extended and will be calculated per month. This offer stability because there are fixed costs to be paid each month and those in the hospitality business have no more financial reserves”.

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