Virologist Marc Van Ranst: "The English variant has appeared here too, it’s normal that there are mutations”

The virologist Marc Van Ranst has confirmed that the new strain of coronavirus that is currently prevalent in the southeast of England has also been found here in Belgium. However, the number of those in Belgium infected with coronavirus that have become infected with the new strain is limited. Professor Van Ranst told VRT News that “Out of around 1,600 (coronavirus) cases we found 4 cases of the new strain”. 

"We will encounter very many strains like this. Viruses are mutating constantly. This is normal. It is only when a stain is clearly more infectious or makes people more ill, and we don’t expect this, that it becomes significant. However, we currently don’t have any scientific indications that this is the case”.

"We live on a planet where people travel a lot. So, it is perfectly normal that viruses travel from one place to another”.

Professor Van Ranst says that the UK government’s decision to tighten the rules to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in England has come about due to the rise in the number of infections and not due to the discovery on the new strain of the virus as such.


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