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100 people evacuated after gas explosion in Hasselt on Sunday evening

Two people were injured in a gas explosion in the centre of the Limburg city of Hasselt on Sunday evening. Around 100 local residents were evacuated from their homes after the explosion on the Minderbroederstraat. The gas leak in the cellar of a bar has since been fixed and those evacuated were allowed to return to their homes at around 9am on Monday morning. 

The first reports of a gas leak were made to police and the energy supply network management company Fluvius at around 6pm on Sunday evening. The police and technicians from Fluvius went to the scene. There was an explosion at around 7:30 pm in which two people were slightly injured.

Around 100 people were evacuated to a local sport hall. They were then moved to a hotel where they spent Sunday night.

After having worked through the night the emergency services were able to repair the leak. At around 9am the local residents that had been evacuated were allowed to return home. Fire fighters accompanied them and carried out gas detection checks in their homes. 

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