Last passengers arrive from the UK

A final Eurostar train from London arrived at Brussels South late on Sunday night.  The train was packed as people scrambled to leave Britain ahead of greater travel restrictions.

Many of the 600 passengers had rebooked their trip at the last minute in order to leave.

Kristina Armahoutova was one of their number: “This morning, last minute. In two hours’ time I had to get hold of everything and change everything and get to the station in London.  Then from London to here.  It was quite a commotion.  So I’m pleased I made it”

Gala Gosset was less happy: “I had to change my ticket.  There were no tickets. I had to pay 500 euros for me and my daughter. There are not enough trains.  Taking decisions at the last minute.  It didn’t go at all!”

Two flights scheduled to land in Brussels from the UK today have been cancelled. A number of passengers arrived on Sunday.  They are obliged to quarantine.  Britons at Zaventem Airport returning home to the UK yesterday were pleased they could get home quickly.

Michael Lewis: “It’s a mess. Everywhere is closed.  A lot of people are trying to get back home, but the communication from the government hasn’t been great at all.”

Tom Goodman: “They found this new strain.  Unfortunately it’s near to where I live, which is not ideal.  I’m staying away from people. I’m not going to catch this virus and I’m going to make sure my family are safe this Christmas.”

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