Lina Lemaire

Lina loves London… despite everything

Lina Lemaire from Destelbergen (East Flanders) lives in London together with her family. She tells a tale of a deserted English capital, unprecedented times, Brexit talks that are going nowhere and a new coronavirus variant that is even more contagious.  Despite all this bad luck Lina still loves living in London.

The travel ban and restrictions here mean that Lina’s parents and in-laws won’t be able to cuddle their grandchildren.  Usually, holiday means a trip to Belgium for Lina and her family, her husband and the kids.

“We hadn’t made plans to travel this Christmas, because real gatherings aren’t permitted and we’d have to quarantine on our return.”

But Lina says it’s not easy: “I’ve got kids, the parents and in-laws are really suffering”.

Lina did make it home in August.  She had planned to come for three weeks, but because new travel restrictions were introduced the holiday was cut short, to one week”.

Lina says her adopted home is deserted.  That heaving city that loves Christmas hasn’t been very lively since the lockdown.  “Brits, who can’t share Christmas pud with their relatives, it's no life. They are frustrated and have mixed feelings about Christmas.”

“The government maintained Christmas could go ahead like usual for quite a while.  Last week we noticed the increase in corona figures but there was little information.  We read everything in the newspapers.  It’s only several days later that the UK government confirms things.  Anyway, we now know this more contagious variant has arrived!”

“Brits can only talk about two things: corona and the Brexit talks” says Lina.  Despite all the bad news Lina insists she still loves living in London.

“We’ll celebrate Christmas at home, just the family, but I may invite a friend, who lives alone.  You’re allowed to add one single to your bubble, if you can guarantee it’s safe.”   


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