Marnick Croes

Man from Blankenberge has transformed his house into an ice grotto

Each year Marnick Croes from the West Flemish coastal municipality of Blankenberge puts more effort than most into the Christmas decoration that adorn the front of his house. However, this year he has excelled himself by transforming his home on the Vredelaan into an ice grotto complete with seals and penguins. Work on this impressive festive display took Marnick 6 weeks to complete. 

Marnick Croes is the proprietor of the Serpentarium, a zoo that is home to a vast selection of snakes, reptiles, spiders, lizards and frogs.  The measures to curb the spread of coronavirus mean that his business has been forced to close, leaving him with time on his hands. However, this hasn’t meant that he has remained idle and he has used his extra free time to create his most impressive Christmas decoration display yet.

"For many years I have invested a lot of time and effort in decorating my house. It had long been my dream to decorate it as an ice grotto. During the past few years, I have ought lots of things in order to do this. However, I was never able to carry out my plan. Due to corona I had more time. It was the ideal moment to turn my dream into reality”, Mr Croes told VRT News. 

Marnick Croes

It took Marnick Croes 6 weeks to complete the work. The ice grotto is a sight to behold. It will remain in place until the end of January.

"I normally take the decorations down after the festive season, but as the theme is less Christmas-related, I think that I will leave them it up until the end of January”.

Marnick Croes

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