Police bring African wedding party to an end

On Sunday afternoon police in Vilvoorde (Flemish Brabant) halted a wedding party that was underway in an unused restaurant. 54 adults and around a dozen children were present at the time.

“I’m terribly indignant” says Hans Bonte (Flemish socialist), Mayor of Vilvoorde. “Who gets the idea to do something like this in times like these?  I hope those responsible for organising this party and the proprietor who rented out the venue are made to face their responsibility.”

Carol Vercarre of Halle-Vilvoorde prosecutors: “Charge sheets were issued to all those present.  Later it will be decided who is fined and who will face summary justice and a swift day in court”.

Practically all those present hailed from outside the municipality on the outskirts of Brussels.  Some guests had travelled to Belgium especially for the party.  All risk a fine if not worse. 

The African wedding party was held at La Hacienda in the Kassei district of Vilvoorde.

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