Belgium to spend 4 million euro on coronavirus vaccines for developing countries

The Federal Development Aid Minister Meryame Kitir (Flemish socialist, photo above) has announced that Belgium will be spending 4 million euro on coronavirus vaccines for developing countries. The 4 million euro will go to COVAX, a global initiative to give people in developing countries access to coronavirus vaccines that is being coordinated by the World Health Organisation. 

Ms Kitir told journalists that doing our bit to ensure that people in the developing world have access to coronavirus vaccines is good for people here in Belgium too.

“We will only all be safe once all countries are safe because the virus knows no borders. Therefore, it is important that everyone is vaccinated at the same time and that we try and protect everyone at the same moment”.

“180 countries are taking part in the initiative that we are supporting. Everyone is taking part according to their means and in this way, we can ensure that 2 billion vaccines are purchased”.

Which developing countries will be given the vaccines and which vaccine(s) will purchased still has yet to be decided.

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