Flanders fails to meet wind turbine construction targets

This year 31 new wind energy turbines have been constructed in Flanders, bringing the total wind energy production capacity in our region to 1.360 megawatts. This is the equivalent of the amount of electricity produced by one and a half nuclear reactors. While progress is being made towards more wind energy production the figure of 1.360 megawatts is still well short of the Flemish Government’s stated aim of 1.500 megawatts of electricity being produced by wind power.


Bart Bode of the Flemish Wind Energy Association told VRT News that Flanders’ failure to reach to targets set by the Flemish Government is due to the many appeals that have been lodged against the construction of windfarms. There are many appeals, and the appeals procedure is extremely long drawn out Mr Bode explained.

“They lodge one appeal after another against the same permit. First, it’s the noise and then for example the shadow. This means that it takes a long time before we are actually able to build a windfarm”.

The Flemish Energy Minister Zuhal Demir (nationalist) now has prepared a “Wind Plan”, the aim of which is to ensure that the number of wind turbines in our region is increased. Ms Demir wants to see more wind turbines constructed in port areas (Antwerp, Ghent, Zeebrugge, etc) and along the Albert Canal that passes through Limburg and Antwerp Provinces on its way from Liège to Antwerp.


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