New images reveal that Limburg wolf couple had 5 cubs, not 4

The Limburg wolf couple that have been given the names August and Noëlla had 5 cubs rather than 4 as had previously been believed. Images shot by wildlife cameras that are in position in the woodland area in Limburg where the wolves live show clear that there were 5 wolf cubs. Although the cubs were born at the start of the year the images were only seen by staff at the Woodland and Nature last month. 

Since the footage was shot two of the wolf cubs have been run over and killed. This means that 3 are still alive.  

The Woodland and Nature Agency’s Jeroen Denaeghel told VRT News that "We have image hat show that Noëlla and August originally had 5 cubs and not 4”.

“In old footage there is a sequence in which 7 wolves can be seen running. You can clearly see them. There is no doubt that there were 7 wolves of which 2 have since been run over. You can now assume that there are probably 5 of them now”.

There is more good news for wolf-lovers as the wolf that was hit by a car at the start of the month is reported to be still alive. “We have seen a limping wolf and we are 99% certain that it is the wolf that was hit by a car at the start of December”, Mr Denaeghel told VRT News.

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