Bart De Wever sacks police officer following racist comment

The Mayor Antwerp, Bar De Wever (Flemish nationalist), has dismissed a police officer on the local Antwerp force because the officer made a racist comment about a worker of foreign heritage working in the cafeteria of the Antwerp courts of justice.  The officer is said to have called the man a “dirty little man”.

Mayor De Wever subsequently decided to sack the officer.  Dismissal is the highest penalty available to the mayor, who is the head of the local police force.  The officer reportedly was also repeatedly disciplined in the past.

The officer appealed against his sacking to the council of state, Belgium’s highest administrative court, but the council ruled against him.

The mayor is not commenting on the matter.  His spokesman says penalties like these should be seen in their context and that preceding events also play a role in any decision.

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