Covid survey: will people get the jab?

The results of the latest Covid survey reveal our social and mental health is poorly.  The crisis is also impacting on our use of drugs and tranquilisers. Willingness to get vaccinated has grown, but is far from universal.

The survey shows people are less satisfied with their social contacts than in September.  Over twenty percent of people complain about feelings of anxiety (23%) or depression (20%). 64% of people are unhappy about their social contacts, while the figure was only 34.5% in September.  In the meanwhile restrictions have grown. 2 out of 5 experience a lack of social support.

29% of drinkers say they are drinking less alcohol, 20% say ’more’ with just over half ‘no change’. 39% of smokers are lighting up more than before corona, while the number of drug users doing more drugs has risen from 23.5% in September to 34.5% now.

21% of all respondents are on tranquilisers or sleeping pills.  42% started during the crisis.

60% of people say they are prepared to get vaccinated.  The figure is up 10% on December.  25% are still hesitating, while 15% won’t get the jab. A wish to return to normal is the big motivation to get vaccinated, while possible side effects and lack of knowledge about long-term effects are the reasons people won’t get the jab.

Some 30,000 people took part in the online survey conducted by health science institute Sciensano.

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