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Three out of four prepared to follow the Christmas rules

Three-quarters of the people in Belgium say that they will stick to corona restrictions during the festive period.  Their number is larger than at the end of November a motivation barometer operated by Ghent University shows.

16% of those polled are refusing to follow the rules, while a further ten percent have their doubts.  In all over 24,000 people were quizzed.

The barometer for November showed 30% of people unwilling to adhere to restrictions on social contacts at Christmas and celebrate with one or two quests depending on their situation. Researchers of the interuniversity group of experts corona and psychology say the worsening Covid situation and the threat of sanctions has changed minds. They warn that too greater emphasis on enforcement will undermine durable motivation. Psychologist Maarten Vansteenkiste warns that the great emphasis on the festive season risks getting people to drop their guard afterwards and see more contacts.

“Several indicators point to discouragement.  People need to be shown measures are necessary and they need to be given a perspective that things will get better in the short-term. People need to see the results of their efforts.”

“The overwhelming majority of people are following the rules.  It’s important to report this.  Focusing on lockdown parties undermines people’s motivation.”

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