Screenshot Russische televisie

Russian viewers witness helplessness of Brussels police

Russian TV viewers have been treated to scenes of pandemonium from Brussels on the Russia 1 newscast.  On Friday night Brussels police struggled to stop a lockdown party.  The Russian TV crew that were following the officers showed how two female officers were powerless to prevent the party attended by up to 40 guests.

The incident took place in the Brussels borough of Anderlecht.  The pictures show how men pushed the officers and escaped.

Jurgen De Landsheer, head of Brussels-South police: “There was a complaint about the noise.  Officers attended the scene and discovered a large group of men in a cellar.  When the officers tried to check ID’S they were pushed aside.  Several men escaped.  Five have been identified.  An investigation is underway to identify the others”.

Brussels police have been criticised for only two officers being present.

“This is how we have always worked.  We dispatch two officers to see what is up.  If necessary, they can request assistance.  This happened on this occasion. The safety of officers is paramount.  Some of the men were not masked.  I don’t want my people to get ill” said Jurgen De Landsheer. “We must always be careful when violence is directed at the police.  Safety is the top priority.”

Watch the images on YouTube.


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