So what are the rules on festive gatherings?

For most people the rules for Christmas differ little from the rules that apply the rest of the time.  This means that we are celebrating a Christmas and New Year like never before.

Household mixing is severely limited.  Every member of a household has an individual right to a cuddle buddy, i.e. somebody from outside the household who can enter the home without the need for social distancing, but only one such cuddle buddy can enter the home at one time.  You can invite your cuddle buddy in for Christmas Eve and you can have your wife’s or husband’s round for Christmas Day.

Indoors children under the age of 12 from outside the household too are counted as cuddle buddies.

The only exception affects singles.  In addition to their cuddle buddy they can have a second guest round at the same time though social distancing must be observed.  This only applies on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. On other days singles are allowed to invite one other person into the home apart from the cuddle buddy, but social distancing must be observed and the cuddle buddy may not be present.

Your cuddle buddy must be one and the same person for six weeks.  After that you can change him or her.  

Outdoors you can meet up with 3 people from outside your household bubble.  Social distancing must be observed.  You can meet up with different people outdoors and children under 12 don’t count for the restrictions.

In Flanders we all have to be home by midnight, while in Brussels and Wallonia the curfew starts at 10PM. Drink too much and one cuddle contact can spend the night at your home! The curfew also applies on New Year’s Eve!

Do have a merry Christmas!


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