“They’ve been obliged to make one ginormous concession!”

The battle to convince the people of Britain that Boris Johnson’s deal frees them from European interference is under way.  Here Prof Hendrik Vos (UGent) argues that the fable that Brexit has made Brits boss in their own country and that they won’t have to take account of anybody else’s rules has been exposed by the deal Mr Johnson struck with the EU.

“UK PM Boris Johnson sells everything as a victory.  That’s the way he is.  But in essence the UK will have to accept that it will have to follow countless EU rules on the environment, climate, labour law, competition rules and state aid” says Professor of European politics Herman Vos (photo below).

“If the Brits want to trade with the EU, their biggest market, then they will have to stick to European rules.  They have been obliged to make one ginormous concession!”

“The whole Brexit campaign was one enormous myth, a fable that Johnson will have to explain to his people and parliament.”

A quarter of the EU’s fishing rights in UK waters will be returned gradually over the next five years.

“It’s being sold as a victory” says Prof Vos, “but above it’s all a matter of wording.  ‘We’re back in control of our own rules’. However, if the Brits make rules of their own, the EU will throw up trade barriers. You can permit yourself this kind of arrogance if you rule the world, but the Brits haven’t been doing that for quite some time now.”

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