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Snow fun at Belgium’s highest point

Poor Belgium.  In 130 years it has only experienced one white Christmas.  Under the official definition a 1cm thick layer of snow at the Met Office in Ukkel (Brussels) is required before we can speak of a white Christmas in Belgium.  Still, snow there is this Christmas Day, but you need to head to Belgium’s highest point, the Signal de Botrange to find any.

Numerous are the Flemings that headed over to Liège Province and the 694m high point where up to ten centimetres of snow could be found.  It’s not enough for skiing yet, but more snow is on the way.

Many Flemings have had to pack up their dreams of an outing on the Austrian pistes this year, but the moment there is snow they make to the High Fens, well-equipped with carrot and scarf to make a snowman.  This Christmas Day they were not disappointed.

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