Seniors and chronically ill to be immunised “from May”

The experts in charge of Belgium’s coronavirus immunisation strategy have released further information about when the first people will be able to get a corona jab.  Care home residents will be vaccinated first.  The roll-out of the vaccine to all care homes could take until the end of February.

Starting March hospital staff and first line care workers will be immunised.

During phase 1A of Belgium’s vaccination programme care home residents and health care workers will be immunised.  Care home residents at three care homes – one in each of Belgium’s three regions – will start to get immunised starting Monday.  On 5 January the immunisation programme is expanded to all care homes.  This should be complete by the end of February.

The immunisation of hospital staff, first responders and front-line care workers will commence in March. Residents in care homes for the handicapped will be immunised during this phase.

Under the plan phase 1B starts in May: seniors, i.e. people over 65 living at home and people at risk e.g. with chronic illnesses will be vaccinated.

The timing of the whole operation depends on the availability of vaccines.  So far only the Pfizer vaccine has been approved in the EU.


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