96-year-old Jos Hermans will be the first in Belgium to get his corona jab on Monday.

Fewer than 500 patients in critical care

There has been a further fall in the average daily number of new coronavirus cases, hospitalisations and deaths.

In the week to 26 December on average 157 patients with Covid a day were hospitalised.  The figure is 9% down on the week.

87 patients with Covid were taken to hospital on Boxing Day.  The figure is the lowest day figure since 5 October.  65 patients were discharged.

2,287 patients with Covid, the disease caused by coronavirus, are currently in hospital.  494 are in critical care.  It’s the first tie since 20 October that fewer than 500 patients are in critical care.  286 patients are on a ventilator.

In the week to 23 December on average 87 people with Covid a day died.  The figure is 11% down on the week.

In the week to 23 December on average 2,319 people a day tested positive for coronavirus.  The figure is down 9% on the week.

Over the same period on average 37,300 tests a day were carried out.  The figure is up 2% on the week.  7.4% of tests came back positive.

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