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Storm Bella: lots of rain and up to 20cm of snow!

Rain and gusts are our lot today as storm Bella sweeps over Flanders.  The storm reached coastal areas early this morning bringing violent gusts and torrential rain to our shores.

Bella is a storm depression that is crossing the country from west to east.  High winds are being recorded with gusts up to 100km/h.

“Bella also means an awful lot of rain” says VRT weather presenter Frank Deboosere. “When this precipitation arrives in the Ardennes in the course of the day it will turn to sleet and snow.  Up to 20cm of snowfall is predicted. The strong winds increase the danger of snow piling up in huge heaps and being a problem.”

Only towards the end of the afternoon will windspeeds decrease and can we look forward to a dry spell.

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Windspeeds of up to 101 km/h were recorded at Zeebrugge on the Flemish coast.  Across Flanders fire-fighters received countless calls.  Damage is limited and most often the call was about a fallen tree or something else that had blown away.

In the UK Storm Bella triggered flooding and evacuations.  Ferries are not operating between Dover and Calais (France).  In the Netherlands a code yellow weather warning has been issued.

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