Corona figures for Belgium keep improving

The positive trend continues: corona statistics for Belgium keep improving. The number of new cases is 15 percent down on the week, while the number of hospitalisations sees a drop of 11 percent.  

160 covid patients were taken to hospital each day on average between 21 and 27 December, an 11 percent drop on the week. Yesterday, 149 corona patients were hospitalised, while 59 were discharged. A total of 2,362 patients are still in hospital, with 492 of them receiving intensive care.   

2,171 new cases were reported each day (daily average between 18 and 24 December), which is 15 percent down on the week. Each day, almost 36,000 tests were taken, with 7.4 percent of the people testing positive. 

Each day, 85 patients succumbed after contracting the virus. This number is 13 percent down on the week. The total number of corona deaths has climbed to 19,200 now. 

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