Winter fun (and some chaos) at the High Fens despite calls to avoid the area

Day trippers rushed to the natural area of the High Fens last weekend, despite calls by the federal police to avoid the area. There were fears that the massive number of people would trigger chaos, and this turned out to be true. 

Long queues were seen on the roads to and from the fens, the highest area in Belgium in the eastern part of the country with altitudes of 500 to 600 metres and more. The fens had fresh snow and this served as an extra attraction for those seeking a destination for a day out during the Christmas holidays. Parking lots were completely full, and cars parked in the roadside often got stuck there due to the slippery conditions. 

Still, most of those who had come, didn't have any regrets and had a nice day out. "We are glad we didn't listen to the calls to stay at home, a father says at the end of the video. "There was rain and wind at home... here it's a lot better, that's for sure!" Click on the video below to watch. 

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