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Mysterious bang with light flash in Lennik "was not a meteor" but what was it?

Hundreds of people noticed "a light flash and a loud bang" in the Lennik area (Flemish Brabant) last night. The first explanation involved a falling meteor, but astronomer Philippe Mollet scrapped that option. But if not this, what was it? 

The light flash and bang were seen and heard in Eizeringen, but also in a larger area involving Roosdaal, Gooik and Dilbeek, our colleagues of the regional radio station Radio 2 Vlaams-Brabant report. 

Lennik Mayor Irina De Knop said "the bang was so loud that I thought an accident had taken place nearby. But police and fire services didn't receive any reports of damage and the cause of this remains unclear."

Astronomer Philippe Mollet has ruled out the option of a meteor: "We received various calls of people who witnessed the flash and the bang almost at the same moment. In the case of a meteor, there would be a span of ten seconds or even two minutes between both. It's like thunder and lightning." 

For the moment, the mystery remains. 

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