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One apprehended after violent robbery in Strombeek-Bever in which shop manager was stabbed

The Proxy Delhaize in Strombeek-Bever near Brussels was the scene of a violent robbery last night. The store manager was stabbed, but survived. A spectacular police chase resulted in the arrest of one of two suspects. 

Two people entered the store last night around 8 o'clock, just before closing time. They were wearing  helmets and are believed to have carried a gun and a knife. They threatened two staff members and the shop manager, who got stabbed 6 or 7 times and was taken to hospital. The man was fighting for his life, but is stable now. 

The two thieves left the store empty-handed. A witness saw them stepping into a car, and police were able to identify the vehicle later on. One suspect got away on foot, while the other took off at full speed when they saw the police approaching. After a spectacular chase, the suspect crashed into some parked cars and got trapped. He was arrested and has confessed the robbery.  

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