Antivaxers target Josepha’s near and dear

Josepha Delmotte, aged 102, probably has a rich and fulfilling life behind her and hopeful many more years of good health to come, but she really became a celeb on Monday, when she was the first resident of a Walloon care home to receive the Pfizer vaccine.  As is often the case with centenarians, Josepha took all the attention in her stride, but it appears antivaxers, people who oppose vaccination, are targeting her near and near.

Josepha’s grandchild told RTBF News how he had been pressurised on social media: “I had to read it was unacceptable that elderly people are being vaccinated.  That it’s a pure waste”. 

Staff at the care home too have been approached by relatives or distant friends to encourage them not to get vaccinated says the director of the Mons care home that was among the first to see vaccinations.

Antivaxers claim that the side effects are unknown and that there is a risk the vaccine will kill you. 

“I can understand that people are worried, but I don’t believe this vaccine will speed up your death” says the director.

Still one nurse at the care home expressed doubts about the vaccine that medically and scientifically-speaking is relatively young: They’ve been working on the vaccine since July.  I’m afraid.  What will happen to us?”

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