If you do take part, please stay in your bubble or keep a social distance. Keep it safe!
Laurent Perpigna Iban / Hans Lucas

Toast in the new at 8:20PM!?

KLOKSLAG 20.20 (or ON.THE.DOT 20.20 if you wish) wants everybody to take leave of 2020 on the dot of 8:20PM on New Year’s Eve and embrace 2021 as a year of hope.  KLOKSLAG 20.20 is an initiative of Verb(l)ind, a not-for-profit organisation that promotes connection and a warmer society.

KLOKSLAG 20.20 also wants everybody to come out of their houses and blocks at this hour to toast in the New Year and applaud.  In towns across Belgium church bells will also ring out at this hour.

During the first lockdown people did feel connected. Many came to their doorsteps and balconies to applaud care workers.  Today, despite the festive season, many people are often alone.  8:20PM on New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to toast each other and the future and share a moment together.

In many towns and villages church bells will ring out.  In Leuven carillonneur Luc Rombouts also plans to give a concert afterwards using the carillon of Leuven University Library.  “It will be a special New Year’s concert with Viennese waltzes” he says. “People are so looking forward to the new year.  That’s why we are playing lively music on New Year’s Eve.  People can dance along in their bubbles or clap to the Radetzky March!”


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