Jos Hermans was the first Fleming to be vaccinated last Monday.
Kristof Vadino

Belgium: from worst pupil in Europe to top-7 of best ranked countries for Covid-19 incidence

Belgium is doing well within Europe when it comes to the new number of Covid-19 cases. According to data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, only six countries in Europe are doing better for the moment. At the end of October, Belgium was still at the other end of the table, as the worst performing pupil in Europe, but the corona restrictions are paying off slowly but surely now. 

Belgium has an incidence of only 260 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the past two weeks. In the Netherlands, this is 907, in Germany 379 and in France 277. The U.K. is facing a figure of 720 and is struggling with the new variant of coronavirus which will have a bad effect on the upcoming figures. 

Heading the table as the worst performing pupil is Liechtenstein with an incidence of 1,506. It is followed by Lithuania (1,337), Slovenia (914), the Netherlands and the Czech Republic (876) which Belgium leapfrogged two months ago to head this list.  Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, the U.K. and Croatia are all in the top-10. 

If Belgium would like to become the best pupil in the European class, it still has to overtake countries like Malta (237), Ireland (218), Norway (113), Greece (106), Finland (78) and Iceland, which heads the list with 47.  

For more facts and figures on the ECDC website, click here. 

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