High Fens to be closed for day-trippers this weekend

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the roads to the High Fens and the parking lots in the area ill be closed for tourists. This was announced by the Liège governor Hervé Jamar wants to avoid a chaos like last weekend. 

Options for day trips are limited in times of corona. After fresh snow had fallen on eastern Belgium's highest plateaus in the High Fens, day-trippers flocked to the area last weekend. This triggered tailbacks, crowded parking areas, but also crowded pathways, not ideal to combat the pandemic. Ambulances couldn't even reach the place to pick up ramblers that had sustained a fracture.

Hervé Jamar took a drastic decision to avoid that this would be repeated: the main access roads (N67, N68 and N676) will be closed, and will only be open for emergency services and public transport. He calls on people to avoid the area: "Don't come to the High Fens. It's a lovely natural area, but please come again at a later stage."

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