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How desserts may save a promising Belgian athlete

Renée Eykens (25) has lost her contract as a professional athlete, but is trying to keep her Olympic dream for Tokyo alive, thanks to... chocolate mousse and rice pudding. She is selling desserts in an effort to raise enough money to invest in her career as an athlete. 

Eykens, a physiotherapy student, was one of Belgium's revelations at the Olympic Games in Rio, in 2016, where she posted an impressive time of 2:00:00 in the 800 metres. 

However, she lost her status as a full-time professional athlete and now has to cover most of the costs herself. "Food adapted to my needs as an athlete, data analysis, medical costs etc. Everything costs money. I want to continue without having to think whether I can afford it or not each time." 

It inspired her - and a friend - to find an alternative income. They made 1,000 chocolate and rice desserts and are delivering them at people's homes these days. "We had hoped for 200 orders, but it has become a lot more thanks to the extra publicity.  And yes, they taste good."

Eykens is almost sure of her ticket for Tokyo next year, but wants to get the qualifying time to be 100 percent sure. "The past season that was lost due to corona, gave me time to work extra on certain things. I hope to be better prepared now." Her first goal is the European indoor season next spring.

Get a glimpse of Eykens' door-to-door mission here:

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