Number of new corona cases 29 percent down on the week, "but the real test is yet to come"

The daily average of new corona infections has dropped to 1,790. Each day, 154 covid patients had to be transferred to hospital, which is 15 percent down on the week. The number of fatalities is at 74 each day now, a decrease of 21 percent. 

For the moment, the positive trend is being continued. This is logical, as we are seeing the positive effect of the school holidays. But the real test is only coming up in the second and third week of January, experts say, when we will see the impact of returning holiday makers who may import the virus, of the start of the second school term and of the Christmas and New Year's family gatherings. 

Yesterday, mobility data showed that Belgians behaved well in this respect for Christmas, with more families celebrating at home than in neigbouring countries. Experts hope that this will also be the case for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Under the present corona restrictions, one household can only invite one other person from outside the family 'bubble'. Street gatherings of more than four people have been banned. 

All figures are improving

But at present, it's nothing but good news. Between 21 and 27 December, 1,790 new cases were reported each day on average. This is 29 percent down on the week, with the number staying below 2,000 for the third successive day. It should be mentioned that fewer people are having themselves tested at present. Still, only 7.1 percent of the tests turned out to be positive, compared to 7.4 percent before. 

The total number of covid patients in hospital has dropped to 2,338, which is 85 less on the day. Still, 496 of them need intensive care, a number which hardly seems to drop. Between 24 and 30 December, 154 patients had to be taken to hospital each day on average, a drop of 15 percent on the week. 

The number of covid deaths has dropped to 74 each day (-21 percent compared to the week before). Still, in a couple of days' time, this second wave will have made more victims than the first one, De Standaard calculated. 

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